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Life Insurance

One of the most sophisticated financial products happens to be the least understood.  See how the right insurance can help you protect what’s most important, and achieve your goals.  There’s so much many people don’t know about insurance.  Check out this insight from one of the country’s top retirement experts.


There are many different annuities which offer great benefits – many combining insurance with cash accumulation.  Guaranteed Income Annuities can be a great option for anyone facing a pension buyout offer.

Helping You Build A Solid Financial Foundation

Take Control of Your Finances

With the right support and a trusted partner, you can absolutely manage your financial future.  We’ve got tools and strategies to achieve your goals.

Pension Buy-outs

401K Rollovers

Term & Permanent Life Insurance

Fixed & Variable Annuities

Pension Buy-Out Offers

Long Term Care

Goal Setting

We discuss where you’re at now, and where you want to be.  Your goals drive everything.

Data Gathering

We collect all the relevant data — your cashflows, savings,  income and taxes

Plan Development

With your goals and data in place, we develop a customized plan to get you on the path to your sound financial future.

Execute & Monitor

We work with you to execute your new plan, as well as monitor the status and performance to make sure you’re always on track.

 Why Life Insurance & Annuities Are The Least Understood Financial Instruments

There’s a lot of chatter and resulting confusion about life insurance and its complexity.  It’s an important and valuable piece of any financial plan that most people don’t bother to learn about.  Find out why it’s smart to incorporate insurance into your financial plan today.

There's lots of paperwork

Yes, there is a lot of paperwork outlining the insurance contract and its benefits.  But stacks of paper requiring lots of signatures always makes people nervous.  I’ll walk through it page-by-page with you so you know exactly what it all means.

Nobody likes to think about leaving this world

Life insurance does indeed protect those whom you love, should something happen to you.  And that’s hard to think about.  But it’s also so important.  Think of it as just a necessary step in household planning.

It's easy to not worry when you won't be here after you die

Again, nobody wants to think about dying, so it’s easy to not think about what would happen if you did.  “I won’t be here” is the voice inside the head.  But just as you don’t place all the household responsibility on your spouse now, why would you do it in the event of your passing?  

The reality of the cost of living is tough to admit

Many people underestimate the actual cost of their family/household/living expenses.  This is the reason that when someone dies unexpectedly, even if there is life insurance, it’s often not nearly enough to support the remaining family.

It feels like such an unnecessary expense

Kinda like buying car insurance right?  Chance are… you won’t have a crash.  But everyone dies eventually, hopefully later rather than sooner.  Insurance is a critical part of household planning.  Maker sure your spouse and children are cared for.

What We Do

Quite simply, we help people just like you build a solid financial future.  We are teachers,  a trusted resource, an advocate, an ally in your financial future.

Our job is to understand what your goals are, to think about things that you may not have considered, to understand fully how insurance and annuities work, and to partner with you to achieve the best possible path to achieve your goals.

It not a step, or a task, it’s a process.  It’s continual and we’re there to support you all along the way, not just until you have your policy documents.  Our clients are like extended family, and we’re here for them anytime they need help.

Not Sure Where To Start?

The first step in any financial plan is to fully assess your cash flow.  And with our easy Cash Flow Planner, it’s simple.

When you download our cash flow planner, (it’s a Google Sheet you can save to your own drive, or download as an Excel file) you’ll get instant access to a worksheet that you customize.  Just enter the information and your cashflow is automatically calculated.

You can even create multiple scenarios for planning purposes.  Download it for free today!




“My advisor has taken so much time to review my policies and make recommendations to update my strategy as my life circumstances change.  I recently moved and my expenses changed, so I sat down with my advisor to fine-tune my plan.”

Judy C.

“My advisor knows the right questions to ask so that no detail is left out.  My overall retirement strategy includes whole life insurance, annuities along with my investments.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy all the details, but I found it so helpful.”

Amy H.

“I’m really good at research and I follow the financial news and markets.  I consider myself to be a well-informed investor.  I still learned a ton from Insurance Advocate’s dedicated advisor about how adding life insurance helps me achieve my overall financial goals.”

Mike F.

Set Your Goals. Chart Your Path. Reward Yourself.

Now is the time to plan… when things are good.  When a crisis emerges is NOT the time to put a plan into place.  People always forget that life insurance is not an entitlement meaning, not everyone who wants or needs it can actually get it.  Once you have been diagnosed with a health condition, it’s in your medical records and is discoverable by any insurance underwriter. 

So  get insured while you’re young and healthy and your rates will be most affordable.  Waiting only costs you more money.    Make sure that the right life insurance is part of your overall financial plan.

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