How to use term insurance to protect your business in buy-sell arrangements

A buy-sell arrangement is a formal contract between parties that have, or could have, an interest in a business. These arrangements are generally designed by attorneys to suit the specific needs and goals of the interested parties.

Many times, should a provision of the arrangement be triggered by the death of an owner, partner, shareholder, or otherwise, the life insurance death benefit on the individual who passed away, is used to buy-out that person’s interest in the business.

These arrangements can be fairly complex when it comes to designing the life insurance coverage and “funding” the arrangement with life insurance proceeds, as there are several ways the coverage can be structured, depending on a variety of factors, including how many interested parties there are involved, the funding structure of the policies, the beneficiary designations, the need to be able to change insureds as the interested parties change over the years, and so on.

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