Getting declined for life insurance is very serious

While a decline doesn’t necessarily mean an insurance company believes you are going to die very soon, it does mean they have concerns about your statistical life expectancy or personal history, or activities. And a decline by one insurance company can generally be seen by other insurers. So a decline “on your record” might just make it that much harder for you to be seen positively by another company.

So let’s talk about how to avoid a decline as best as possible.

Working with an experienced life insurance agent is crucial

If you have known health issues, chronic or otherwise, engage in potentially dangerous activities, or have a personal history that involves trouble with the law, you may find yourself an unacceptable risk to many insurance companies, and therefore a candidate for a decline. Does this mean you shouldn’t try to get coverage? 

Well no, not without consulting an agent who is experienced and knowledgeable and who can first assess your potential “problems”, speak to underwriters about the information they need to make an informed decision, and then follow through to present the best and most accurate information possible to the underwriters.

Many times it is incomplete, or even erroneous information about a prospective insured that leads underwriters to decline an application. Unfortunately, blame can usually be shared by an agent’s inexperience to ask the right follow-up questions, and an applicant’s attempt to tell the most favorable story about themselves that they can.

So when you get declined you, here’s what you need to do:

  • Write to the company representative who sent you the decline letter, and ask for specifics about why you were declined.
  • Follow-up with your agent when you hear from the company that declined you.

What can usually be fixed:

  • Erroneous information in a medical record.
  • Personal history that has not been updated.
  • Personal history that is not yours.
  • Incorrect information on the application.

If you have been declined and don’t think there is any hope in being issued a policy by any company, you should speak with one of our affiliated agents and get an understanding of what other options may be available.

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