How term insurance can protect your business

Term insurance can protect a business, its’ owners, and management in a variety of ways.

Your employees are assets bu some of them are so critical that the business can’t run without THEM.

Key-man coverage with life insurance is generally a life insurance policy that is owned by a business entity, which gives that business the life insurance proceeds upon the passing of a key-man in the business, for the purposes which include: giving the business time to find and hire a replacement, keeping creditors satisfied that the business has enough operating capital in a time when there may be grave concerns about the business’ future and the debt the business may be carrying, and pay-off any accrued compensation owed to the key-man’s estate. 

The policy design of this type of coverage is more complex than an individual owning his own coverage for his family’s protection. An experienced life insurance professional should be sought to make sure the policy structure achieves the desired goal for the need. There may also be issues around taxation and tax deductability of premiums or proceeds. 

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