Protect your most valuable asset – your home – with life insurance

What happens to your family and the home they live in if you die?  Are you certain that your family will be able to stay in your home?  Moving is traumatic, especially to a family whose lost a loved one. Children especially are vulnerable when they have to move to an affordable home, most likely further away from school and friends.  

But it doesn’t have to happen!

Mortgage protection coverage is a life insurance policy that covers the balance of a mortgage or loan over the period of that loan.  A mortgage protection life insurance plan can optimize the coverage so that only the approximate coverage that is needed at any given time interval, is being paid for. 

In other words, since the principal balance a mortgage decreases over time, an experienced knowledgeable agent can design coverage for you that declines approximately along with the mortgage balance, so you are not paying for excessive coverage.

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