Not all life insurance agents are equal

Maybe you’ve recently received a call from your cousin’s son, or a former co-worker, or an old school pal who wants to meet with you to talk about their new career. Of course you agree out of courtesy, but you’re worried they’re going to try to sell you something you don’t want.

Well, don’t despair, they might have some valid advice, but whether it is good or not, may be up for debate.

Inexperienced agents can make any number of blunders when it comes to advice. And those blunders can cause problems that may not be discovered until years later… when any number of features / benefits / options weren’t explained, talked about, included, used, accessed, or available in the policy that a person took.

People tend to forget that an insurance policy is a
that is made with an insurance company

These contracts can be a few pages, or dozens of pages in length, with various features and benefits — above and beyond just a death benefit — that may have time horizons and expiration dates to using the additional feature. Also, sometimes a feature is talked about during a conversation, but the actual policy taken by someone doesn’t contain the feature or benefit that was talked about because of an agent’s inexperience, or the product finally taken was different than the one that was previously talked about. Again, this oversight may wind up hurting the people that the inexperienced agent thought he or she was helping.

These are just some of the reasons working with experienced agents makes a tremendous difference. Even for individuals who are just looking to cover their 30 year mortgage, or protect their spouse and children, or want a final expense or legacy policy, should seek an experienced agent who can examine the financial and personal factors, and make recommendations based on the particular circumstance. Speak to an experienced professional.

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